Monthly Archives: May 2012

Things and Stuff

Hello. I still exist.

So, in the way of an update – Coffee Mug Records is Fucking Dead. I won’t go into the details, but would like to take the opportunity to anyone who got involved and showed support.

“What’s next?”, you might ask.

Well, I’m going to update my blog more than annually. Promise promise promise.

So, I’m now a contributor for Punknews, interviewing bands. My first interview (up soon) is with the awesome Watch Commander, who you should definitely check out if you like good dudes playing good music.

I recently went to Birmingham, for two reasons. I met with Nick of BOI records to discuss new music-related projects. There’s some cool stuff in the pipeline. I realise this is vague but there will be more in time. Patience = virtue.

During my time in Birmingham, I was invited to sit on an industry panel to assess second-year Music Industries degree student presentations on their Music Promotion and PR module. Beyond the excitement of being asked, and the surprise of being considered someone who might have something useful to say, I was humbled to be given the opportunity to support some up and coming thinkers and doers. Some of them even gave me biscuits. This had no bearing on their mark.

I will be at Crash Doubt festival in Lincoln this weekend and am beyond stoked. So many good bands and people.

So yes, things and stuff.