Mixtape mini-project

At the end of last year, I was thinking of ways I could keep myself out of trouble (figuratively) over the Christmas break. I thought about making things with my hands then remembered I’m not very good at that sort of thing. However, I’ve made a lot of mixtapes over the years.

I started DJ-ing when I was 18, and kind of stopped when I was around 24; the demands of my career made playing records and drinking rum until 4am impractical at best. (Although I am coming out of retirement to DJ a mate’s wedding in a few months. They started seeing each other when my old club night was big, which is lovely.)

Anyway, I’d been missing a specific part of the DJ life – not the hangovers, or the having to keep up to date with what Other People Like – but the curating music bit. Finding tracks that sound perfect next to each other, killer intros, builds, transition tracks that help you get across genres seamlessly. If there’s anything I’ve ever been good at in life, it’s that.

So I thought I’d make some mix CDs out of actual CDs (novel). The invitation was extended on Twitter – it was fun, it did keep me out of trouble, and I sort of did make things with my hands.

The track listings were printed on an amazing photo of Victoria Park in my beloved Leicester (by Tawny Photography, from a shoot we did last year). This was the one I did for @ClaudetteDoom. It gets bigger when you click it.



I’d like to do another set of them at some point, so hit me up on here or Twitter if you want one. I’ve already been set a themed one by @SamanthaLindley (with a CHALLENGING track limit). Watch on, sports fans.

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  1. I love getting mixes and hearing new (and old!) music. If you do this again, I’d love to be involved.

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