Why Punks Don’t Fileshare (as much)

Related to the last post-  there are types of music fans, in my experience, who are much less likely to fileshare.

Find yourself at a small punk/hardcore show and you’ll likely see a merch table. There will be 7” singles, CD’s, CDRs, tapes. Most of which have been self-released or through small, DIY labels who work closely with the artists, or that the artists run themselves. They’ll be priced a little over cost, and they will keep bands on the road.

The fans will chat with the bands and their friends about the songs and they’ll be excited to take something home with them, knowing that they’re helping ‘the cause’. They won’t upload them to torrent sites, at worse, they’ll put a song on a mix tape for a friend.

They’ll spend their money with the satisfaction that it is going towards watching the music they love reach more people and continue to thrive, not to keep a London A&R up to their eyeballs in skinny lattés.

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